Wood Refinishing

by Kashian Bros

Refinishing your floors has never been easier with our Dust-Free System.

The Pioneers in Dust-Free Sanding.

If the thought of refinishing your hardwood floors conjures up images choking dust & a never ending mess, then you have yet to experience Kashian Bros’ Dust Free System.

Our Atomic Dust Containment System utilizes a powerful engine mounted inside our trailer. The engine creates a powerful vacuum which is connected through hoses to the sanding equipment inside. As the floors are sanded, the dust is captured & evacuated before it gets airborne. No dust, No expensive clean up required when we leave. It’s never been easier to refinish your floors.

As the pioneers in dust free sanding, we have added two new portable machines that can go anywhere. Perfect for smaller jobs where a trailer is not practical or for hi-rise buildings. Same great dust free refinishing, now available everywhere.

*Video:click to watch a video of our dust-free refinishing process

Watch our Dust-Free Refinishing video
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Featured Testimonial

“So pleased with the results; believe me, when our neighbors stop by I’ll be glad to show them the “after”. They’ve already seen the “before”.”  - Germaine M.
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